"The Molecule of More: Dopamin"

  • From the American Psychological Association - Speaking of Psychology:
    "The Molecule of More: Dopamine" Episode 76
    A very interesting and entertaining talk of Kaitlin Luna with the autors Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, and Michael E. Long about their book: "The Molecule of More: Dopamin"
    How dopamin works - drives love, sex, creativity
    It keeps us alive and make us evolutionarily successful.
    It produces the feeling "I need more"
    But if you have, what you wanted so much - the dopamine shuts down (buyer's remorse).
    If you fall in love with your dream person - if the person becomes reality - you are no more interested.
    If there is nothing to explore, the dopamine begins to fade.
    What happens if you have a lot of dopamine - if you have not enough dopamine …..
    enjoy the talk - you can hear or read it: - I translated it into German (not perfect) too and attached it
    here you find the original:

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