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  • End of last year some articles on various platforms surfaced that slowly got more traction on social media that talked about dopamine fasting. Just one of many examples:…to-neuroscientist-2019-11
    Even on Wikipedia an article exists since January 2020 (

    Wipedia 17th of July 2020
    : Dopamine fasting is the practice of temporarily abstaining from addictive technologies such as social media,
    listening to music on technological platforms, and Internet gaming, and
    can be extended to temporary deprivation of social interaction and

    My personal opinion:
    It is nothing new, because all that one does is to completely remove all small rewards from your life for a day or even a weekend. However I like the attention this topic gets due to the fact that people start discussing why this became necessary. Why is it already accepted that a telephone, a communications device can lead to an addiction? I will keep…
  • From the American Psychological Association - Speaking of Psychology:
    "The Molecule of More: Dopamine" Episode 76
    A very interesting and entertaining talk of Kaitlin Luna with the autors Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, and Michael E. Long about their book: "The Molecule of More: Dopamin"
    How dopamin works - drives love, sex, creativity
    It keeps us alive and make us evolutionarily successful.
    It produces the feeling "I need more"
    But if you have, what you wanted so much - the dopamine shuts down (buyer's remorse).
    If you fall in love with your dream person - if the person becomes reality - you are no more interested.
    If there is nothing to explore, the dopamine begins to fade.
    What happens if you have a lot of dopamine - if you have not enough dopamine …..
    enjoy the talk - you can hear or read it: - I translated it into German (not perfect) too and attached it
    here you find the original: